Ubuntu post installation setup

September 7, 2008 · Posted in Getting Started 

Ubuntu NotificationsFollowing on from the Installing Ubuntu article, this should then wrap up the immediate steps to take once the install is complete.

After about a minute, 2 notifications should appear on the top panel (the left hand icons in the image). The first is to allow restricted drivers for your graphics card, the 2nd to install software updates.

1. Graphics Drivers (NVIDIA)

Ubuntu - enabling NVIDIA drivers Note the instructions here are for NVIDIA, and also that Ubuntu don’t include these drivers as part of the free software philosophy (see Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth’s blog), however a lot of new users want make use of their graphics card and here is how. Click on the top panel icon, enter your password, check the checkbox and choose enable when prompted. Files will then download and install. Restart to make the change take effect

2. – Software Updates

Ubuntu - installing updatesUbuntu automatically prompts you with details of software that needs updating – just like with Windows, keeping your software up to date is a good practice to get into and helps to plug security gaps. Immediately after install there will likely be a lot of updates to install.

Click on the red arrow icon on the top panel to launch update manager and then click Install Updates. This will take a while to download and install. Once completed, restart to make the changes take effect.

3. Restricted Software

[This tip from Tombuntu – 10 tips for after you install or upgrade Ubuntu]. As described previously, Ubuntu’s free software principles mean that several features aren’t installed by default that certainly ex-Windows users would expect. These inlude mp3 support, Microsoft fonts, video codecs, Java, Flash, and DVD playback. Ubuntu restricted extras allow you to install everything that Ubuntu can’t include by default for legal reasons.

To install this package, open Applications->Add/Remove. In the Show drop down box, select All Available Applications. This will enable the ‘multiverse’ repository, allowing access to the restricted extras and non-free software. Start typing ‘restricted extras’ into the search box and check the box beside ‘Ubuntu restricted extras‘ when it appears in the results. When prompted choose Enable to allow the use of restricted / unsupported software. Click Apply Changes to begin installing.

When prompted, Agree to the java licences and click through the x-windows warning for Microsoft Fonts (msttcorefonts).


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